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The curiously titled Race Across The Great Divide by Don Cox and Darryl Flack is a record of the glory years of Australian motorcycle racing that was waiting to be documented.

Those brought up on today’s meagre offerings will be amazed to find out what went on, how good things once were. Not only were the authors there, they remember what happened and why.

And now they’ve brought it to us. If you were there, Race Across The Great Divide is a wonderful memory jogger, along with detail and background that most will not know.

For those younger innocents who were not there, what a pity you weren’t, but your loss can be compensated by immersing yourself in this book.


Will Hagon, motoring journalist, and former ABC and SBS race commentator 

Two important parts of Australia's youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s were surfing and motorcycles.


Much has been written and documented about the surfing lifestyle, but this is the first comprehensive examination of the role motorcycles played in the lives of young Australians, and the achievements of both racers and technicians that would culminate in Wayne Gardner's world 500cc Grand Prix title a decade later.

Hamish Cooper, freelance writer and former News Ltd journalist.

Wow. This book is a wonderful time capsule of a special period of Australian lifestyle and outlook. It travels back to how we were. If you were a spectator or racer it seared into your brain.


Any fast Aussie or Kiwi rider could parachute into a world championship event and fight for the win. Read this book and you'll understand why. I once would’ve said ‘you had to be there’ but not now.

– Mick Cole, Team Honda rider 1978-81.

The authors have dug deep to interview both stars and the relatively unknown, all of whom have their stories to tell not just of the racing but the sometimes hair-raising road trips and the equally hectic social scene that was part of the sport.


The book is a mighty effort, one that deserves a place in the library of anyone who was fortunate enough to be there in what is rightly called the Golden Age of motorcycling.

Old Bike Australasia, December 2018


'This book is absolutely fantastic. A great read, good photos, and good quality printing and finish.'

Andy Booth, Bridge Bookshop, Ramsey, Isle of Man

'An absolute must for any motorcycle enthusiast. The quality of writing, photography and sheer effort that has gone into compiling the vast amount of information to create this book is unbelievable. It’s awe inspiring and pure gold.'

Faidon Christodoulou, Rising Sun Workshop, Sydney

'A superb record of those heady days of the '70s in this part of the world. The text is accurate and thorough, and the photos are fabulous. A great book!' Gordon Alexander, Timaru, New Zealand

'I have a great collection of books. This is up there as one of the best. It's the book you finish, and go back to page one and read again.' Paul Dunn

'Absolutely stunning, congratulations to everyone involved.' Mark Holman, Wellington, ​New Zealand

'This book is fantastic. It brings back many memories of my past friends and competitors during the '70s & '80s, which was an amazing time to be involved in Australian road racing.' – Wayne Gardner, 1987 World 500cc Champion

'Thank you both for sending me this important publication. I'm a proud man having some of my pics in it!'

Jan Burgers, legendary Dutch photographer

'A magnificent effort, a wonderful book. A truly gripping read. ' Alan Cathcart, world-renowned motorcycle writer

'A superb production and beautifully written. Congratulations to Don and Darryl for their genuine labour of love for the sport and its participants.' John Ford, contributing photographer

'I love this book. The pictures and the written word just nail the times. Awesome dust cover pic of Warren Willing at Oran Park. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Just superb.' Darren Buckley

'What a fabulous book!' Fedor van de Pol, Dublin, Ireland

'It’s the closest you’ll get to experiencing Bathurst if you didn’t back in the golden days!' – Hunter Jones, former racer

'Simply brilliant.' Joe Molloy

'Well researched, well written, awesome photos. This is a book you will spend hours just looking through, let alone reading. And it was shipped promptly and carefully packaged, arrived in perfect condition.' David Ivers


'This book isn't just important Australian motorsport history, it's also important Australian cultural history.'

Mark Mathot, motorsport journalist


'Everything I hoped it would be, transporting me back to my teens when my every waking moment was reading about bikes and racing.'  Ian Cox PhD, New York, USA

'A great book. Definitely worth the price.' Paul Greenup

'Simply superb.' Frank Tidswell

'Magnificent. A great read, brought back a heap of memories. If you're thinking about buying this book just do it.

David Lockyer

'Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic writing by Darryl and Don, and the photos are magnificent! Great value, a must have for any bike enthusiast.' Graham Monro, former AMCN and Two Wheels photographer

'I certainly wasn't expecting anything this grand.' Dave Myall, Takaka, New Zealand

'A fantastic read!' Mick Cochrane, former racer

'Bloody brilliant!' Matthew O'Connell

'Loved every page.' Paul Croswell

'A fine book.' Journalist and writer Grant Roff

'What a magnificent book. Easily one of the best books on motorsport I have ever seen.'  – Mark Kennedy

'Brings back many great memories, 11 out of 10.' Dave Curtis, veteran race commentator

'An incredible, evocative book. Treasure it.' John Bolitho

'The way things were, beautiful ...' Rob Lewis, contributing photographer

'A great book. If you have any interest in the sport during this era then you need this in your collection. Trust me!'

Mark Allan

'Awesome photos and stories, best book ever.' Stuart Townsend

'Darryl and Don have done a wonderful job. I enjoyed every page. Fantastic book.' Alex Kalnoky

'Congratulations on a thoroughly entertaining book.' Kevin Beale, ex-BMW Motorrad executive and industry stalwart

'The book is fantastic and brings back so many memories. Great job.' Mark Irvine

'Absolutely awesome, bloody great read.' – Mick Martin

'I love my copy, great stories and fantastic pics.' Gary Ford, former racer

'The definitive book on 1970s Australian motorcycle racing.' Geoff Clatworthy, classic racing team owner

'It's a great read, no doubt about it!' Lester Morris, veteran motorcycle journalist

'Thoroughly brilliant. I just wish it was even bigger so I could just lap up more and more!' Andrew Owens

'Absolutely fantastic, great job.' Richard Mumford

'Beautifully done and thoroughly researched.' Rob Healy

'Love my copy.' Murray Gominsek

'An outstanding book.' Geoff Roberts

'It's beautiful, a magnum opus. The images are sensational, and you can't put it down.'

John Smailes, author and former ABC race commentator


'What a fantastic book. Fabulous pictures and wonderful stories about the greats of motorcycle racing.'

Geoff Mansell

'I have been up all night reading this masterpiece of Australian motorcycle history. Only trouble is I can't put it down.’

Philip Edgar


'Essential reading for anyone with a passion for this era. Way beyond what I imagined. Anyone who sees it will buy it.'

Stu Avant, former world 500cc GP rider and Bathurst winner

'Love this book, wonderful cover, wonderful chapter headings, take-you-there writing, poignant pics from the Bill Meyer archives and other highly talented lensmen like Robin Lewis, John Ford, and Barry Marshall et al. Mr Flack, Mr Cox I salute you.'Greg McBean, former REVS magazine photographer, and editorial assistant and writer

'A brilliant book.' Graeme Crosby, Kiwi race legend

'Stunning job, great work.' Wayne Pratt, former racer

'A masterpiece, absolutely love it!!' John Carlton

'Great book, lots of memories for us oldies. Great learning for the youngsters.' Russell Stephenson

'Fantastic reading.' Allan Morrison, stuntman and motorcycle nut

'Congratulations on a great publication. Being from the '70s racing era I can confirm it is very accurate, and full of wonderful memories.' Anthony Keyes

'I'm not quite half-way through it but this book has to be the best thing written on motorcycle racing, ever, it's freaking awesome.'Craig Hemsworth, former Victorian racer

'A fantastic book.'Mark Bracks, commentator and moto-journalist

'What a great read this book is.' Kris Matich, Team Matich

'It's wonderful, beautiful.'Heather Bradley, the late Denny McCormack's guardian and carer


'Bloody fantastic!'David 'Zeke' Hein

'What a beautiful book. Brings back great memories.' Rod Howe

'Worth every cent... a thesaurus of 70s motorcycle sport.' Paul Trevorrow

'Awesome, love it.' Jason Curtis

'Best Australian motorcycle book ever written.' Michael Kane

'Fantastic read, loads of great info.'  – Mike Clark

'A great book, strongly recommended.Max Thompson, former racer

'Thoroughly enjoyed this book, brings back lots of memories.'  Sandy Morton

'It's great!' Dick van den Heuvel, Hoofddorph, the Netherlands

'Wow. Amazing work!' Scott Heyes, race-winning engine builder and son of Roger Heyes

'Awesome book, great read. Lots of memories flooding back.' Peter Forster of Peel's Leathers fame

'The best book written about motorcycle racing in Australia. When you're reading it, it's like having someone sitting beside you telling these great yarns. The amount of research that has gone into it is amazing. Great book, highly recommended.' Mark Sewell

'Excellent book with lots of reminiscing.' Sandra Perry, Whangamata, ​New Zealand

'Just an all-round great book.' Gary Stevenson

'Bloody good book.' Graeme Staples, New Zealand

'A good read, well researched.' – Phil Whitton 

'If you lived through the 70s and followed motorbike racing, you need to have this book on your coffee table. It's that simple, 10/10.' Peter Atwood

'Fantastic book.' – Chris Barnes

'Love it, great value.'Mark Visser

'Brilliant book!' Mick Martin

'Very interesting even for a French reader! It is very nice.' Patrice Moreaux, French Alpes

'Thanks for signing my copy of this brilliant book.'David de Botton, former race mechanic

'The best book I have seen on that era of racing. Great photos and stories. Money well spent, love it.' Malcolm Cave

'All that I hoped it would be, and more.' Terry M

'Truly a great record, love it.' Jack Green

'Fantastic read and great photos!! A must-have for anyone interested in Aussie road racing.' Dusty Naden

'Awesome. Best book I've ever bought and I have a few!​​'  Erik Waanders, New Zealand

'Just awesome. Been listening to the soundtrack * for three days.' Jon Hafey, former racer




* Race Across The Great Divide soundtracks

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