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Art Print - Warren Willing Oran Park, 1976

Bellbird Publishing printed on 250gsm Kodak paper:


Gregg Hansford had done it again. The crowd was agog at what they had just witnessed ‒ the display of a genius pushed to new levels by two special competitors. Warren Willing was introspective and reserved at the best of times, more so after a close defeat but he could barely contain his excitement. “It was unbelievable! I’ve never ridden so hard in my life. Gregg was great, and how about John Woodley?


"How do I feel? Fantastic! No one could complain about coming second in a race like that!”


Reflecting back on the race many years later, the spirit of Gregg Hansford still lives on for Warren Willing. Willing was forced into retirement following a horrific accident in the 1979 North-West 200 in Northern Ireland that shattered his left leg.


“Talking about that day brings back many memories of Gregg, not just the race,” said Warren. “I can remember riding as hard a couple of time after that, but that was the last great race I had.” A big statement since Willing’s career would last another three years.


"There was no gap down the inside. Gregg created it. Desire overruled judgment at the time and he pulled it off. That was Gregg off and on the track!”

Art Print - Warren Willing Oran Park, 1976

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