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Art Print - Ron Toombs Bathurst 1979

Bellbird Publishing/Michael Esdaile printed on 250gsm Kodak paper:


In Ron Toombs’ mind, he never retired or formally parted ways with Team Kawasaki Australia. He just hadn’t taken up Neville Doyle’s offer to make a return to racing when he felt up to it.


“I more or less drifted out of racing,” Ron Toombs said in the lead-up to his last-ever event after a five-year absence due to a fractured elbow. “I had no formal contract with Kawasaki, just an agreement. Neville Doyle said ‘just let me know how it’s progressing and when you’re right we’ll arrange a ride.’ In effect, I guess you could say I’m still part of Team Kawasaki Australia because there’s been no statement.” 


The idea for his Bathurst comeback sprang from a chance meeting Toombs had with Don Wilson and Jack Davies at a Sydney Showground speedway meeting several months prior to Easter. Davies was the driving force behind Fraser Motorcycle’s Homebush dealership, and Wilson was the workshop manager at Tom Byrne Motorcycles in Wentworth Avenue, Sydney. Wilson half-jokingly asked Toombs whether he had thought about racing again. “If someone offered me a bike, I’d think about it,” Toombs replied. “But nobody has.” Davies said nothing, but several days later he called Toombs. “If I could line you up a new F-model TZ350 would you like to ride Bathurst?” Davies asked straight up. “Get me the F-model, and I’ll consider it seriously.” 

Art Print - Ron Toombs Bathurst 1979

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