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Art Print - Graeme Crosby Bathurst 1979

John Ford image printed on 250gsm Kodak paper:


Graeme Crosby: "The big Unlimited Grand Prix on Sunday was a blinder with Ron Boulden, John Woodley and me all on different bikes which had good and bad points. In ’79, we had the KR750 while Gregg [Hansford] was away in Europe. We were just given the bike, didn’t know much about it and if it was jetted right, away we went. We had two engines, and we could call up any time and get parts.


"There was Boulden’s TZ750 that was pretty close to a factory bike, Woodley on the RG500 and me on the KR750. Woodley’s thing was the best handling over the top of the hill, and I’d get everybody on brakes and Boulden would blow us on off on the straights. This made for a rather interesting race with the lead changing every lap up the hill across the top and down the chute. Handling, outright speed and brakes, each bike had one of these traits, but not two, so you can see how things panned out with Boulden blowing by in the straights me out braking him then Woodley sneaking up on us over the top the mountain. One to be remembered."

Art Print - Graeme Crosby Bathurst 1979

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