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Art Print - Giacomo Agostini Imola 1975

Jan Burgers image printed on 250gsm Kodak paper:


The brainchild of Imola impresario Checca Costa (father of Mobile Clinica’s Dr Claudio Costa) the 1972 Imola 200 remains one of the 1970s most important races. With Formula 750 still finding its feet, Costa wanted to bring the razzmatazz of Daytona to the medieval Emilia-Romagna town with bands and marching girls. He also mandated that no rider could compete in black leathers and set a 501-750cc limit, preventing the Yamaha 350 from spoiling the show in front of 70,000 spectators.


Agostini won the 1974 La Daytona D'Europa before a massive crowd of 140,000 to complete the Daytona-Imola double first achieved by Jarno Saarinen in '73. In 1975, in front of another huge gathering, Ago had to watch 19-year-old Venezuelan sensation Johnny Cecotto run away with the 1975 Imola 200 having claimed third at Daytona. 

Art Print - Giacomo Agostini Imola 1975

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