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Art Print - Murray Sayle Castrol Six-Hour 1975

Bellbird Publishing printed on 250gsm Kodak paper:


John Warrian: "I rode the race solo on a Ducati 900SS. I led for about the first half of the race, and then it rained. Murray Sayle caught and passed me, which set up a series of duels with Murray and Gregg (Hansford). In the last half hour with the race in the balance, one side of a big-end bearing went and that was it, my race was over. It was pretty tough pushing the bike down pitlane but I was blown away after I received a standing ovation from the crowd. It’s funny. The race I’m most remembered for, the one everyone wants to talk about, is the one I didn’t win or even finish."

Art Print - Murray Sayle Castrol Six-Hour 1975

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