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Art Print - Greg Pretty & Wes Cooley 1979 Six-Hour

Bellbird Publishing printed on 250gsm Kodak paper:


Wes Cooley: "I loved the adrenaline of racing. If they could bottle that stuff, we could put the drug dealers and all the bars out of business! The New Zealand Marlboro Series in 1977-78 really sharpened my approach to racing. I had to learn a mix of circuits very quickly, and the competition was very hot with Hansford, Willing and Kanaya. I learned every bump, braking point and rail line, which I visualised 20 laps each day. I had to step up, and concentrate very hard, which I carried to Bathurst in Easter. I had my TZ750D and a Yoshimura Superbike. Having the front-wheel come up on that long straightaway at 175mph was something else! I ran the same lap times as Warren Willing on my 750, so that was pretty pleasing as a Bathurst rookie. I also did the Castrol Six-Hour in 1978 and '79. I was astounded how fast those local guys could ride those standard production machines."

Art Print - Greg Pretty & Wes Cooley 1979 Six-Hour

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